I am shocked by the fact that the Praba Ganeshan, the host of the ‘Shakthi’ TV’s ‘Minnal’ political talk show refuses to acknowledge that the brutal LTTE terrorist group repeatedly shot and hacked Sinhala and Muslim civilians (men, women and children) to death in ethnic cleansing attacks on the ‘border villages’ and regularly murdered and maimed civilians of all ethnic and religious groups (men, women and children) in indiscriminate bomb attacks. He laments the destruction of the LTTE and the demise of Prabhakaran and the LTTE’s leadership and blames the West, India and Sonia Gandhi for aiding the Sri Lankan State’s war effort.

He castigates the Tamil politicians for abandoning the separatist struggle! The ‘Minnal’ show is viewed by many in the Tamil community and this sort of demagoguery is potentially very harmful to ethnic and religious harmony. However, Ganeshan’s appeals for charitable donations, etc., to help rehabilitate ex-LTTE cadres (in particular disabled ones) and their families is commendable. He is also spot on when he castigates the Amirthalingam era TULF MPs for not sacrificing any of their children in 30-year long ‘Tamil Eelam’ armed struggle and instead educating them in India and the West and settling them there to thrive.

He is an intelligent man and talented TV personality, and he should follow his older brother Minister Mano Ganeshan’s positive example in working constructively with the Sri Lankan President and Prime Minister to solve the ethnic problem with aid of the international community with the historic 13th  Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution as the basis for a settlement.
S. L. David Colombo 3