The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) has called on the Police to support the work of public health inspectors when raids are conducted on canteens, eateries, restaurants and hotels that are known to be violating sanitary regulations.
Chairman of the NMCRP Ranjith Withanage pointed out that the Ministry of Health must issue guidelines that medical reports should be obtained by those working in such places, especially in food preparation.

“The law must be enforced strictly,” he noted.

“The Ministry of Transport never established proper restaurants or eateries to cater to the needs of the passengers on long-distance bus journeys and long-haul buses,” he remarked while adding that the prices of food stuffs and drinks in such places too needed to be regulated.

In most parts of the country the colour coding of soft drinks, meant to denote the amount of sugar the drink contained, is not displayed, he observed.

Withanage also said the number of public health inspectors at present is insufficient.
“When it comes to food storage, for example, ice cream is stored with meat. In the majority of the places the food prepared is unfit for human consumption,” he said.

On alleged incidents where shop owners assault drivers and conductors of buses which do not stop at certain roadside eateries or restaurants, Withanage said that some owners provide bus drivers and conductors with money and drugs.

“Rice stocks relegated for use as animal feed is reprocessed and after refining released to the market. The political authority is behind this,” Withanage charged.(RLJ)