The above title as an advertisement in a newspaper made me laugh, although the intentions of engineers is to be appreciated to give their expertise to the government for the implementation of national policies, but in reality what happens. Going by experiences in the past and the present, has the governments paid any heed to professionals? If that was done, would white elephant projects such as the Mattala Airport, the Cricket grounds at Tanamalwila ever come up, unless of course, the professionals pocketed their professions and said YES to politicians to gain personal favours.

Recently, we read in the press and also viewed over TV channels of a minister justifying the appointment of 54 consultants to his ministry, the only qualification being that they worked during the general elections to ensure victory for him and the party. These consultants may be those who climbed trees to hang posters, organized meetings, etc. and for them to be appointed as consultants would only mean doling out funds, each is expected to get Rs.65,000 for nothing in return.

Take the case of the Ceylon Electricity Board. The Engineers and well known experts on the subject Power and Energy have warned of a power shortage in 2018 or there about and urged the need to expedite construction of the Sampur Coal Power Project and yet the government or the Minister for Power and Energy appears to be not convinced and has said emergency measures will be taken with adding renewable sources of energy, wind and solar projects to be set in the North.

I sincerely hope the moderators of this conference will drill into the hearts and minds of the government the usefulness of professionals to carry on meaningful projects, scientifically analyzed for socio-economic development of the country and make meaningful the much hyped YAHAPALANAYA.
G.A.D. Sirimal Boralesgamuwa