Makeup has turned in to an everyday essential for most women. A brush of mascara, combined with eyeliner, along with foundation and a lick of lip colour is as normal as brushing hair in the morning. It is only in the evenings the real battle begins, once you sit down to remove the makeup and give your skin a break. One fact is that none of the so-called make up removers available in the market completely remove mascara and eyeliner. Also, if you have sensitive skin, they could irritate the skin around the eyes and damage facial skin overtime. Certain ingredients used in makeup removers could pose health risks. However, there are natural, safe remedies to remove makeup. In addition to removing make up, they would even improve the skin texture, on the long run.

Coconut oil
This is a god given makeup remover for those who have dry skin. Coconut oil removes the makeup and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Take about one tablespoon of coconut oil into your hands and rub all over your face, in circular motion, using the tips of fingers. This would loosen and dissolve the foundation or any face powder. Then, use a cotton ball to wipe off the grime and wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Please note that coconut oil should not be used by those who have eczema or are prone to acne.

Avocado is gentle enough to be used as your eye makeup remover. It will effectively remove even stubborn eye makeup that refuses to leave the eyes. Slice a fresh avocado in half and Use a cotton bud to obtain a thin layer of the green fleshy part of the avocado. Do this by lightly rubbing the tip of the cotton bud on the greenish flesh of the avocado, so that a light smear is present on the tip. Run the cotton bud on any eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow makeup to remove it almost instantly. The wealth of vitamin E present in avocado would condition the skin, without blocking the pores, which makes it an ideal remedy for those with sensitive, acne prone skin.

Anti inflammatory properties in cucumber helps soothe irritated or sensitive, acne prone skin. Take a cucumber and chop it into small pieces. Then, blend the chopped cucumber into a thick paste. Use it on the skin as a cleanser. If makeup still refuses to come off, add a little extra virgin olive oil to the mixture and try again. You would be surprised at the cleansing powers of the cucumber. It effectively removes residual make up, dirt and oil.

The lactic acid present in milk makes it an excellent makeup remover. Take a cotton ball, dab it in milk and rub it on face and eyelids. This not only removes makeup but goes that extra mile by exfoliating skin, leaving it completely refreshed. Those with oily skin should stick to skimmed milk while those with dry skin should use whole milk. After using milk on skin, wash face thoroughly with cold water to remove any traces of milk from the face.

Banana would remove the makeup and moisturize the skin simultaneously. Simply take a ripe banana and mash it into a thick pulp. Then, apply on face and leave on for five minutes. The enzymes from banana, works on the pores of the face, to remove makeup, dirt and grime. This is an effective form of deep pore cleansing. After five minutes, wash the pulp off face with warm water. Your skin would be clean and hydrated.