Aries (Mesha)
Natives would excel in sports activity and windfalls are in store for those running the Rahu maha Dasa.  Mercury exalted in the 6th House – a Harsha Yoga producing position – gives a pragmatic outlook, a whip hand over enemies and rivals while keeping the native away from sinful acts.  Jupiter in the 6th as the lord of the 12th is capable of countering to a great extent the malefic effects such as Ill-health, incurring debts and losses from business and financial transactions and the displeasure of rulers among the other ill-effects.

Cancer (Kataka)
You might be able to win hearts and minds by the power of your word. The period ahead is very favourable for natives engaged in literary activity and in the fields of performing and fine arts. Mercury already   powerful by gaining exaltation in the 3rd House and Sun attaining Swakshetra status in the 2nd House either nullify or greatly mitigate the ill-effects Jupiter is likely to generate. Meanwhile, the three benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury casting their beneficial aspect over on the 9th House is favourable for parents, father in particular.

Libra (Thula)
The exalted Mercury in the 12th House generates beneficial effects of Vimala yoga which equips you with a pragmatic outlook, acumen and a righteous bent. Swakshetra Sun –  Rahu combination in the 11th House places you in a position of great strength. High status, an enhanced income, pleasure of moving in high society and patronage from VIPs are in store for you, if Dasas are favourable. Political high office or patronage indicated for those running the Maha Dasa of Sun.

Capricorn (Makara)
Highly favourable Venus – Mercury combination in your 9th Bhagyasthana brings you fame, high status, gainful travels and general prosperity among many other benefits. Your 8th House is to gain much strength from Sun’s transit in it assuring you of longevity and unforeseen wealth. Meanwhile,  if the native is employed, he would rise to a higher position and if he is in politics, he would become a Minister or even someone of higher status depending on the present circumstances. Native would develop a religious mind and an altruistic bent.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Success and happiness in in a foreign land or a distant place are indicated for natives in appropriate circumstances. Lagnadhipati Venus conjuncts with exalted Mercury in the 5th House brings success and high achievements in general. Swakshetra Sun in the 4th House holds out general happiness, success in educational pursuits, enhanced living comforts and comfortable travel among other benefits. Meanwhile, Jupiter is in transit in your 5th House where he produces favourable results. Spouse and children would be a source of happiness.

Leo (Simha)
Swakshetra Sun and Rahu in the Lagna make you dynamic, energetic and proactive. A position of authority and influence is indicated for natives running the Sun Maha Dasa. Jupiter – Venus – Mercury rare favourable combination in your 2nd House assures enhanced income, business success, higher status, and a rise in career among the benefits that native can look forward to. Those expecting child birth, may get a male child. You are likely to give leadership to an effort aimed at providing succor to the needy and the less fortunate.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Saturn conjoining Mars Swakshetra in the Lagna as the lord of the 7th quadrant counteracts his own malefic influence as the author of the Lagna Erashtaka. A rise to high position, possibly a political office, fame and even gainful foreign travel are on the cards for you with Swakshetra Sun and Rahu powerfully posited in your 10th House. Meanwhile, exalted Mercury – Jupiter – Venus combination in the 11th House augments the benefits held out by Jupiter such as increased wealth, business success, high executive or political office, love and marriage and general prosperity.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Sun attaining Swakshetra in your 7th House with his direct aspect over your Lagna will imbue you with a buoyant spirit, self-confidence and a positive mindset.Meanwhile, Venus conjoining exalted Mercury in your 8th House where he is already associated with Jupiter will add further strength to nullify the malefic influences and bring you prosperity.  Mars – Saturn combination in the 10th House continues to bestow benefits such as career success, fame and gainful travels.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Natives holding high political, executive or military office can look forward to a rise in their career thanks to Swakshetra Sun transiting in your 3rd House in conjunction with Rahu continuing to give you power, influence and success in all undertakings while countering the ill-effects Jupiter is due to generate during his one-year transit in your 4th House. Meanwhile, Bhadra yoga-producing exalted Mercury conjunct with Digbala commanding Venus in the 4th leads to acquisition of lands and property, success in educational pursuits, a comfortable living and peace of mind.

Virgo (Kanya)
The forecast for your Lagna last week generally holds good for this week as well. Mercury transiting in your Lagna in exaltation and generating the beneficial effects of Bhadra Yoga counters possible bad effects due to result from Jupiter’s transit in it. Swakshetra Sun transiting in the 12th House, imbues you with a pragmatic mindset, a keen perception, an altruistic and righteous bent which will bring about a change of your lifestyle for the better. Foreign travel for those running Rahu Maha Dasa in particular is strongly indicated.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Exalted Mercury has begun transiting in your 10th House generating the effects of Bhadra yoga and Amala yoga. This favourable position has got further strengthened when Venus entered this House on August 25. A sharp rise in your status, career and fame as well as in your living comforts are in store as the direct and indirect results of these planetary changes. Your Bhagyasthana too has become very strong with Swakshetra Sun beginning transit in it.  This will nullify or greatly mitigate the ill-effects Jupiter in your 10th House is due to produce. General prosperity, the company of the learned and the virtuous, gainful travels and a rise in status for both self and father are on the cards.

Pisces (Meena)
Venus conjuncts with exalted Mercury in your 7th House already generating the benefits of Bhadra yoga holds out a host of benefits including general happiness and prosperity. Meanwhile, this House has gained further dignity from the occupancy of Lagnadhipati Jupiter.  Your spouse will bring you much happiness and wealth.  Love and matrimonial prospects will brighten for the young and unmarried natives.  Honours and high recognition from the state are also indicated.