MediaFactory celebrate their achievement at cricket

At MediaFactory Group everybody plays hard. They play with pride and display a large heart. They are recognized only by their achievements and success. Being a local company they always feel that they need to prove themselves and hence try that harder, be it work or play.

In the Group, they celebrate the fighting spirit. They never give up even when the odds are against them. This is a lesson they live by, whether it is on or off the field. They play to win and therefore put it all on the line for glory, pride and self-worth. Therefore they never regret even when the final result may not be in their favour, for in their hearts they have fought a good battle and have done the best they could with every ounce of ability they have. The final tally may show MediaFactory Group as runners up at the recently concluded Derana Cricket sixes, but the reality is that the team walked out hero’s in the hearts of all present for the spirit and fight they showcased. MediaFctory came back from a position of hopelessness to be in the final. And even here, they gave a good fight. The loss hurts. But that is because this team has pride.
(Press release by MediaFactory Group)