Professional teams with repute score between 20 to 35 goals, during a match

Kandy Bogambara Prisons Senior Superintendent, Senarath Senanayake, a livewire behind handball, is all-out to give a helping hand to promote the game in Kandy. Handball is growing in popularity. Sports lovers in Kandy are keen and enthusiastic about showing their skills in this discipline. Handball is also known as ‘team handball’. It is an Olympic sport where two teams play against each other with seven players in either team.

When the players spread out, there will be six outfield players and a goalkeeper. When the game is on, players have to pass the ball using their hands. The aim is to throw it into the goal in the opponent’s team. A standard match consists of two halves with 30 minutes each. The team that scores more goals is considered to have won at full time. Modern handball is played on a court that measures 40 X 20 metres. There is a goal in the far centre of each end. The goal resembles the goal used in football.  Goals are scored by throwing the ball from outside the zone or while making moves of by ‘jumping’. The sport is usually played indoors. However, outdoor variations exist in the forms of ‘Field Handball’ and ‘Beach Handball.’ The game is one of the fastest sports where points are scored at a high speed. The events lined up to promote the game will help all in Kandy to benefit from this sport. Both men and women can play this sport.

Professional teams with repute score between 20 to 35 goals, during a match. Low scores have not been uncommon until a few decades ago. Body contact is permitted whilst the defenders are trying to stop the attackers from approaching the goal.

Everybody in Kandy is awaiting the promotional events of handball in Kandy to fulfil their ambitions in sport.