Leading total documents solutions provider, Gestetner of Ceylon PLC recently announced the introduction in Sri Lanka of two ranges of state-of-the-art Smart Operation Panel copiers manufactured by Ricoh, the world’s largest brand in multifunctional printers (MFPs).

The first of their kind to be launched in Sri Lanka, the Smart Operation Panel (SOP) copiers – which made their international debut in February 2016 – will be comprised Ricoh’s popular flagship range of MFPs in addition to its compact, yet highly capable MP 305+SPF black and white smart model.

Each of Ricoh’s flagship printers is equipped with a second-generation 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel powered by Intel Processors that are designed to boost productivity through the implementation of rich functionality within an intuitive and easy-to-use swipe and touch design.

Currently the single largest available in the international market, the SOP runs on Ricoh’s design platform andis compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition, it is able torun multiple applications including an internet browser and productivity and efficiency tools, allowing for an unprecedented level of connectivity across devices.