Sri Lanka’s leading Healthcare group Asiri Health’s hospital venture in Kandy is billed to be completed by 2018 with a total estimated investment of Rs 4.5 billion. The new the 140-bed hospital equipped with some of the latest technology and facilities in the country will transform the private healthcare milieu in this city and its surrounds according to Asiri group, In the latest annual review of the company Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC Chairman Ashok Pathirage points out that the investments into new ventures have been considerable, which they consider astute and imperative, given the opportunities emerging in Sri Lanka’s healthcare setor.

investment“The Rs. 4.5 billion investment into the newest hospital under our umbrella, Asiri Hospitals Kandy and a further Rs 260 million to upgrade the Kirula Road facility all involve pragmatic management and a visionary plan to implement and execute,” Pathirage adds in his review. According to him Asiris Health group will be concentrating on developing the presence in the medical tourism space, primarily as their newly introduced bariatric surgery has become a popular medical procedure in medical tourism globally.

“We will be leveraging on the synergies of Asiri Surgical Hospital’s expertise in bariatric surgery and the fully fledged cosmetic center at Central Hospital” Pathriage highlights adding that another area they will focus on is in developing the hospital chain’s prowess in liver transplants and cardiac surgery, especially the minimally invasive coronary surgery and enhancing cancer therapy.

The new building at Kirula road is billed for completion in September 2016, on 19,000 square feet enhancing the laboratory facilities and other services. According to Pathirage from a macro perspective, it is imperative that the country increases the penetration of medical insurance as this will assuage some of the fallout that may be seen in the immediate with a possible crunch on disposable income in the coming year.