The National Council for Road Safety of the Ministry of Transport has recorded 1632 deaths due to road accidents from January to July this year.

Accordingly, 1568 fatal road accidents had been reported during the said period. Out of these, 666 were motorcycle accidents due to which 686 deaths were reported.

According to National Council for Road Safety, President,
Dr. Sisira Kodagoda, an important feature that should be present in a standardized helmet is the absence of an empty space between outer surface cover and the internal rigifoam cover. Also, the rigifoam cover should be able to absorb any external shock and protect the head from damage.

He also stated that currently, the Sri Lankan markets lack helmets that are S.L.S. Certified. Although the Sri Lanka Standards Institution provided the opportunity for the helmet importing companies in Sri Lanka to certify the helmets, so far they have failed to take the necessary actions. Dr. Sisira Kodagoda stated that this is a cause for regret.