Railway trade unions raised concerns regarding suspicions that several recent incidents reported island-wide of stones and rocks being thrown/hurled at trains and passengers being pelted with and hit by stones, were being done in a systematic, organized and planned manner.

These incidents are reported to have resulted in at least one death. Several arrests have been made since.

The Railway Trade Union Alliance and the All Ceylon Railway Employees General/Common Service Union however noted that no conclusive proof of such had been found by the sections handling the security of railways and trains.

Convener of the Alliance and the General Secretary of the Union, S.P. Withanage said that Sri Lanka Railways/the Sri Lanka Railway Department had decided to arrest those responsible and take legal action against them.

“These incidents are continuing. Who is doing this? Why? These have taken place on main railway routes in places as disparate as Kelaniya and on railway tracks in coastal, seaside areas. This is completely wrong,” Withanage said.

“The general public who are passengers are being harassed by a restless, undisciplined group of youth. Although it has not been proven, one cannot say that these incidents reported in several areas, are entirely unrelated to each other, as the pattern of events seem to show such a trend. Such incidents have taken place in the past too,” he mentioned.