Karan Patel of Ye Hai Mohabbatein penned a beautiful and honest open letter to his wife, Ankita Bhargava, via The Times of India. In the letter, he apologized to her for any pain that he caused her and thanked her for “putting up with a brat like him”. He signed the letter as, ‘Your not so perfect husband, Karan’.

The letter read “To my darling wife Ankita
The happiest birthday to the Best Wife in the world. I’ve said I love you a million times to you but I should have rather said I love you and THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with a brat like me and making my life the beautiful poetry it has become.

I’ve messed up far more number of times than anyone can imagine, and you’ve been very patient and kept giving me chances to work upon myself. But today, I want to say SORRY for all the hurt and pain that my doings may have caused you. I cannot even in my wildest dreams think of taking my next breath without having you as my wife. I have been amazing at making promises but miserable at keeping them. So today, in the presence of everyone reading this, I want to make a few promises, which I will keep this time…”

With this letter and their super romantic honeymoon photos, the couple has rubbished all rumours of an unhappy marriage.
Miss Malini