Medical experts on snakebites raised concerns that antivenin imported from India to treat snakebites were not safe.

Member of the Sri Lanka Medical Association’s Expert Committee on Snakebite, Prof. Kolitha Harischandra Sellahewa said that antivenom imported from India caused adverse reactions in those who had been injected with the antivenin following treatment for snakebites.

He added that they were at present locally working on developing new antivenin with international collaboration.

At present we have and are developing techniques as per the national guidelines on treating snakebites to make the antivenin imported from India safe for use, he noted.
“The hump-nosed pit viper has joined the krait, the cobra, the Russell’s viper, the saw scaled viper, the green pit viper and sea snakes as among the very highly venomous of snakes. The concerns regarding Indian antivenin have also been raised for some time now,” he remarked.