The International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS), being the leading health institute in Sri Lanka has now opened door at its City Campus in Bambalapitiya. With very strong affiliations with Open University Malaysia Deakin University (Australia), Griffith University (Australia), Coventry University (United Kingdom), and Asia e University (Malaysia), IIHS offers outstanding pathways for students that wish to further their education internationally. The IIHS City Campus located in Bambalapitiya primarily focuses on courses related to the Business Management Degree. This course is tailored for those that wish to pursue their careers in the business field where the IIHS faculty consists of local and international staff. IIHS offers programs at the levels of Foundation, Diploma, Degrees, Masters and Doctorates whist maintaining international standards.

The Deputy Chairman of IIHS, Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe states, “Our goal is to ensure that IIHS becomes an education hub in Asia. Currently we offer programmes for students in Sri Lanka, Maldives and India and we wish to expand to other regional countries in the future. This would be a noticeable foreign income generator and the country will no doubt benefit from this service”.