Veteran actor Vijaya Nandasiri passed away last Monday after suffering a sudden heart attack, plunging the entire country and specially the showbiz industry into shock and grief.

Vijaya Nandasiri has completed 50 years as an actor.

He became interested in acting while being a schoolboy in Vidyakara Vidyalaya at Maharagama.

He acted as Prince Maname over 1000 times and also acted in Sinhabahu, Mahasara, Jasaya and Lenchina, Nari Bena, Ananda Jawanika, Suba Saha Yasa, Tharavo Igilethi and Ekadipathy.

He received immense popularity as a comedian. His life story is an example to all of us. He was very humble. He did not run after money. He did not run after fame. He did not run after politicians.

He had a good character. He was a man who had come up from an ordinary school in Maharagama. He was a genuine person.He has not accumulated physical wealth. He was not travelling in luxury cars. He was not living in a luxury house. He was with the ordinary people.

He spent his life to keep the people of this country happy. He did not go after power, money or cheap popularity. He was a real intellectual.

But the whole country started crying on hearing his death. We must be grateful to him for the service done to this country. We suggest the house he lived be made a museum.
We also propose to make financial donation to his family as he has not got a pension.We as Sri Lankans are always prepared make financial donations in the name of this great man.
D. Weeratunga