Sothys took measures to authorize its salons as a step to ensure high quality service to their customers. “At Sothys we believe that customers using our products need to be ensured of the highest standards in terms of service, expertise and ambiance,” said Sothys Director General Manager, Soraya De Zoysa.

Before authorization is granted, the Salons would undergo evaluation under strict criteria. These criteria include the need to maintain all the products required to perform a complete Sothys facial. Furthermore, the beauticians must attend regular training sessions to keep their knowledge up to date. Salons will also need to ensure that its infrastructure and service standards are in place. Sothys will have a dedicated team visiting salons regularly to ensure that said standards are maintained. “The authenticity of the Sothys service will only be guaranteed at a salon that has received the authorization. An authorized Sothys Salon can be easily identified by their unique signage,” said De Zoysa.

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