Sitting for hours clicking the remote waiting for something interesting to come on TV is a thing of the past. Now with endowed world class technology of LG you simply have to sit back and relax and let the WebOS TV create a world of entertainment for you. Here’s what makes the LG WebOS TV different from other Smart TVs.

It’s as easy as plug-n-play with the LG WebOS TV. Unlike other Smart TVs, LG Web OS TV’s Simple Connection lets you connect with ease,without having to go through multiple steps to get to your content, plus it lets you manage several deviceswith a click of your remote. Just connect your Laptop, Cable TV, Smartphone, USB, MP3 or Gaming Console and watch the Web OS TV do the job.

Transform your TV viewing experience with the Magic remote that comes with amazing functions such as: Universal control, Voice commands and Point that let you command the LG WebOS the way you prefer, plus you can mirror the contents on your smartphone on your TV using the Magic Remote. You can also use your Smartphone as a remote control by downloading the LG TV Plus app. If you want view content stored on your smartphone on TV, simply connect with the WebOS TV and start watching.