The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) called for the revision of General Agreement on Trade in Services commitments.

The GMOA is presently formulating a national policy on trade agreements.

GMOA Executive Committee and Media Committee Member, Dr. Senal Fernando said that Sri Lanka had not revised its assigned commitments for the last two decades whereas other countries had done so every five or six years.

He also highlighted that there were no proper definitions for professionals in every sector including private sector specialist consultant doctors as there are loopholes in regulations despite there being the Sri Lanka Medical Council and the Medical Ordinance.

We are in danger if we sign a Trade in Services Agreement as it will fully open sectors including telecommunications, media, information technology and engineering, he noted.
“We conducted a workshop to obtain the consensus of all professionals. We have resource persons working with us. Before even the procedures to be followed when drafting a national policy on trade agreements has been laid down, the Government through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has put out a document listing the number of topics and the number of pages. It is only 50 to 60 pages,” he said.