Paul Walker’s tragic death in a fiery Nov 30, 2013 car crash happened in the middle of filming Furious 7, and was quite a blow to the cast, especially Vin Diesel, 49, who worked beside him from the very beginning of the franchise. It sounds like this time around doing, their first full film without Paul is really taking its toll. It was revealed August 9 that there was total tension and anger among the cast after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 44, called out a male cast member as being totally unprofessional during production, going to far as to call him a ‘Candy A**’ and ‘Chicken Sh*t’. He didn’t name names, but the mostly male cast was totally put on edge over exactly who he was fuming over.

It was later revealed that The Rock’s epic diss was at original cast member Vin who is also a producer on the movie. Apparently, Dwayne has been unhappy with some of the decisions that Vin has made and it totally came to a boiling point when he aired his feelings over Facebook and Instagram on August 8. An emergency meeting was held the following day between the two actors to see if there was any way to smooth things out, as production as only a week and a half left.
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