The officials of the Prime Minister’s office have revealed how some media personnel had been energized with perks, positions, pay packets and money from various government institutions during the tenure of the previous regime. These unscrupulous personnel have been adequately enlivened and cheered to raise their spirits to unearth fictitious news to credit the then government. It is reported that the names of these media personnel and the media institutions would be furnished to the general public in due course, the officials of the media unit of the Prime Minister’s office had quipped.

They have even misinterpreted the sham activities of the then government projects by publishing fake information to credit the Rajapaksa government. They are the factions of media personnel who had obtained benefit by way of various perks, positions, bank facilities, vehicles and money obtained during the tenure of the Rajapaksa government. This group of media personnel has misled the general public to compensate tolerably for the reimbursement they had received.

In this context, this group of media personnel have behaved among the general public as ‘clean’ in a behaviour that they would by no means be classified as betrayers. It is reported that there are some reputed media personnel in this faction.

This group of media personnel and some media institutions have received contracts of the government, tenders, vehicles and drawn salaries and other privileges from government institutions. In addition, under the patronage of the Rajapaksa’s a few of these media personnel have obtained bank facilities amounting to millions of rupees. In these bank transactions, it has been revealed that there had been several illegal transactions supported by illegitimate documents.

In addition, some of them have even benefited by receiving state patronage for the wedding ceremonies.It is reported via trustworthy sources that legal action would be initiated against these unscrupulous media personnel and media institutions.
Sunil Thenabadu