The book titled Persaudaraan written by Tuan M. Zameer Careem on the subject of Sri Lankan Malay Minority was launched on August 7 at the Padang Complex, Colombo 2 under the auspices of the Sri Lanka Malay Association.

The book was edited under the guidance and expertise of Sir Tissa Devendra, Author, Juror of Gratien Prize and former chairman of Land and Salary Commission Sri Lanka. The book is published by S. Godage & Brothers, Colombo.

The author, Tuan M. Zameer Careem is a fourth year Medical student in Ukraine and a freelance journalist who is a regular contributor to the local and international print media. He is a Sri Lankan Malay researcher with an insightful knowledge and keen interest in Lankan history, ethnic studies, linguistics and culture. He is also an alumnus of Colombo Royal College and holds diploma certification in Latin Language and Physiology.

The 456-page publication, Persaudaraan, which translates to ‘brotherhood’ delves deep into the subject of Sri Lankan Malays, their heritage and culture. It encompasses vivid chapters based on Sri Lankan Malay history, their vibrant culture, cuisine, fashion, language, patois, literature and folklore. In the recent past the Sri Lanka Malay community has witnessed a drastic decline in population and is currently a critically endangered community in the island.