Dr. Rajitha Senaratne

The government has announced that it would launch investigations into allegations of ex-cadres being poisoned while being rehabilitated.

Co-cabinet spokesman Dr Rajitha Senaratne made this statement at the weekly Cabinet press briefing yesterday (10).

He added that, although some demand the expertise of international medical experts, there are medical professionals qualified for the task in the country. Senaratne reiterated that international expertise would be sought only in the event that local experts fail to deliver expected results.

A proposal prepared by the Mullativu District Provincial Council member T. Raviharan, alleges that 107 LTTE members in custody died of an undiagnosed illness, the result of being injected with toxins. It proposes that international medical personnel be employed to investigate into the matter. The proposal was presented to the Northern Provincial Council by Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran.