Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar system is due to move into the Virgo sign in the course of its 12-year- long journey round the Zodiac at 21.21 hours on August 11, marking perhaps the most significant event in the Astrological calendar for the year 2016. A special mention is made in this Weekly Horoscope on how this planetary change will influence your fortunes.   

Aries (Mesha)
Jupiter will move into your 6th House where he normally does not produce beneficial results. Ill-health, incurring debts and losses from business and financial transactions and the displeasure of rulers are among the ii-effects. As you are now forewarned, you can take measures to ward off these bad effects. Your 5th House has gained strength following Venus conjoining Mercury already posited in that House. Recognition and rewards are in store for natives engaged in academic and literary activity. Time is opportune for those participating in sports as well. You are likely to experience a pull towards merry-making.

Cancer (Kataka)
Jupiter is due to pass through your 3rd House. This House from the Lagna or the Moon sign is not favourable for Jupiter. Native faces threat to life and loss of parents if he is  running unfavourable Dasas.  However, Venus in your 2nd house conjunct with Mercury and Rahu augments your income sources and happiness, peace and harmony in the family. Sun in the Lagna makes you dynamic and energetic to some extent. Unexpected gains apart from a cheerful disposition, a positive outlook and a buoyant spirit are in the offing if you are running favourable Dasas.

Libra (Thula)
Jupiter will be transiting in your 12th House from August 11. Native may come under compulsion to move away fromhis home and he might even get embroiled in clashes and disputes which could lead to imprisonment.  He may even fall into disrepute. These evil effects will not visit on the native if he is to have Jupiter in Virgo in his Natal Chart for the third time since his birth. Venus in Leoin conjunction with Mercuryand Rahu which happens to be the 11th House will bring an increase in income and business prosperity. Rahu adds strength to the benefics Venus and Mercury in the 11th House while warding off malefic influences.

Capricorn  (Makara)
Jupiter will be in your 9th House or Bhagyasthana by August 11. If the native is employed, he would rise to a higher position and if he is politics, he would become a Minister or even someone of higher status depending on the present circumstances. Native would develop a religious mind and an altruistic bent.  Venus in your 8th House has enhanced your chances of earning an increased income from partnerships and unforeseen wealth from the spouse if you are running favourable Dasas.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Jupiter is to transit in your 5th House where he will produce favourable results. Spouse and children would be a source of happiness. High profits from business, a rise in career, happiness from marriage and love affairs and patronage from those holding high office are among the good results to be expected.  Lagnadhipati Venus gaining conjunction with  Mercury in the 4thHouse assures educational success, general happiness, enhanced living comforts and peace of mind.  Sun in the 3rd House gives you power and influence in some measure and also a boost to the standing in the community.

Leo (Simha)
Jupiter is entering your 2nd House where he normally produces very favourable results. An enhanced income, business success, higher status arise in career are among the benefits that native can look forward to. Those expecting child birth, may get a male child. Mercury now transiting in  your Lagna adds strength to your intellectual stature. You are likely to give leadership to an effort aimed at providing succor to the needy and the less fortunate. Loss of wealth and property indicated for those running the Saturn’s Maha Dasa.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
or you Jupiter will be in your 11th House, a very favourable position which will bring you increased wealth, business success, high executive or political office, gainful foreign travels, love marriage and general prosperity. Mercury, Venus and Rahu powerfully posited raises bright career prospects. Political success and political patronage are on the cards for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa. Sun’s transit in the 9th House assures high status both for self and father, general prosperity foreign travel in addition to the company of the learned and the virtuous.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Jupiter will be in the 8th House for Aquarius natives which is an evil House for him.  This position is Maraka or death-inflicting for those Jupiter is in the first round in Virgo in their lifetime.  However, there will be no bad effects for natives for whom Jupiter is in his second round or Paryaya in their lifetime.  Meanwhile, your 7th House has gained further strength with Venus moving into it to gain conjunction with Mercury and Rahu already posited there.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Jupiter is due to begin his one-year transit in your 4th House where he will not produce good results for you. Native may lose his property, a comfortable living and peace of mind.  These bad effects would not visit on natives for whom Jupiter is making his  journey round the Zodiac for the third time. In any case, natives may precautions to ward off the bad effects. Meanwhile, you are prone to contagious diseases and are advised to pay more attention to preventive measures.

Virgo (Kanya)
Transiting Jupiter in the Lagna produces bad results. Separation from the family, people turning inimical, fruitless travels, and failure in love and marriage are among the bad results.  However, these bad results would not take effect in case of natives for whom Jupiter is to enter Virgo  for the third time in their lifetime. You have to act with foresight and sagacity in the days to come for a wrong move on your part may land you in unnecessary litigation and lead you to much mental unrest.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Jupiter is due to enter your 10th House which is not a favourable House for him in transit, because he may bring disrepute, humiliation, and loss of precious possessions. For natives with Jupiter in Virgo for the second round in their lifetime, these bad effects will not operate. A combination of two benefics Venus and Mercury has occurred in your 9th House. This combination has greatly brightened the prospect of a rise in status, general happiness, prosperity, gainful travels and an increase in wealth.

Pisces (Meena)
For Pisces natives Jupiter will be in their 7th House, a favourable House for him when in transit.  The dignity of the House is also enhanced by the direct aspect Jupiter is casting on this House. Spouse will bring you much happiness and wealth.  Love and matrimonial prospects will brighten for the young and the unmarried natives.  Honours and high recognition from the state are also indicated. You should no longer worry about the possibility of falling sick, falling into debt or facing troubles from enemies.