The piling work on ‘Treasure Trove Residencies’, another project of Home Lands Skyline has commenced on July 7 and work is now going on schedule, the company announced last week. Driving down Cotta Road, one would fail to see the once familiar landmark of Treasure House. The building is no more. It has been completely demolished. What greets the eye is a tall wall, covering construction work behind it.

“74 of the 77 Residencies have already been sold. Working on schedule is of paramount importance to our company,” said a company spokesperson.

D. P. Jayasinghe, a renowned and well respected construction company with a good track record in the industry, has been awarded the piling work.

“100% of the apartments have been already sold due to the trust even before the commencement of piling work. This is due to the trust Homelands Skyline has built over the years through their performance and ability to deliver their promises, the company believes in keeping their customers and the general public aware of every step of their property development projects,” the spokesperson added.