Solar power technology has risen to fame in the recent past with its numerous advantages predominantly those concerning the environment. Ongoing technological advancements and creative innovation have improved solar power technology consistently from time to time. As our non-renewable resources are declining due to over consumption it is crucial for the whole world to move towards renewable sources of energy to ensure a more sustainable future.  Amongst the many advantages generated through solar power the following are universally observed to be the most attractive features.

With its technological advancements in Solar energy panels of LG has made significant inroads efficiency in environmentally sound solutions for a healthier and safer planet. The predominant intention of Abans together with LG Solar is to develop the solar generation in Sri Lanka for both domestic and industrial users. In an attempt to provide the best Abans PLC is equipped with well-trained and qualified solar PV Systems installation teams comprising technicians, mechanics, electricians, welders and fitters. Installation supervisors and engineers carefully monitor all teams to ensure consumers are given the best quality of service at every step of the way.

Both home and business users can easily deploy so lar energy given that it does not require complex prerequisites such as wind or geothermal power set ups. Along with benefiting individual owners it also benefits the environment to a great degree. Solar energy does not pollute the air with carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide or sulphur dioxide thus reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding environment. Hence, solar power today is recognized as one of the most important solutions to the global warming crisis faced by the world today. Similarly for larger operational structures, solar energy does not require fuel in order to produce energy thereby eliminating the problem of transporting fuel or the storage of radioactive waste.