The right status and respect deserved for Buddhism should remain in the Constitution, Colombo’s Archbishop Rt. Rev. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has said.

Rev. Cardinal Ranjith expressing his pleasure for inviting him to the occasion said the teachings of Buddhism bring us relief whenever we are confronted with mental pain and discomfort.

He was participating at a Buddhist religious ceremony in Colombo.

We have to learn a lot from him about religious harmony. Religious Harmony is a concept that indicates that there is love and affection between different religions. Every citizen has a right to choose and practise any religion.

Religious intolerance has created many problems. Millions of people have been killed in riots. Many people are discriminated every day because of religion. Many nations have been divided on religious lines and created discord in the world.

Let’s work together to create religious harmony in our world by knowing and practising our own religion respecting other religions, integrating closely with the people of different faiths and believes, not interfering in religious matters of other people and opposing any attempt to misuse religion and create disharmony in our society.

Religious Harmony holds center stage for the peace and prosperity in our multi-religious and multi-cultural world.

Let’s pledge to love and respect everyone in the world irrespective of one’s religion, caste, creed, sect, colour, ethnicity, language, gender, nationality and any other differences.
Let’s pledge to work towards bringing religious harmony and creating a peaceful and prosperous world.
D. Weeratunga