Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe being welcomed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo during his visit to Indonesia

The government’s planned North-Western Industrial and Tourism Development Programme will be the dynamo for employment and growth, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told a Summit held in Indonesia last week. Addressing the World Islamic Economic Forum, the Premier noted that Sri Lanka is implementing the next round of macro-economic structural reform in conjunction with an ambitious programme of infrastructural development.

“Firstly, the Kandy-Colombo-Hambantota corridor.  This corridor consists of a series of major infrastructure developments consisting of the Kandy City Expansion Programme. The Western Megapolis Plan, which is designed to urbanize the entire Western Province, will make it an environmentally conscious, sustainable mega city of the 21st century with a population of 8.5 million people,” he said.

Whilst welcoming Indonesian investments into Sri Lanka, Wickremesinghe said that the Port City project, where 269 hectares is currently being reclaimed from the sea in Colombo will become a Financial City.

“This will provide a base for logistical and financial services in South Asia, and will complement the chain of business hubs from Hong Kong, to Singapore to Dubai.

These initiatives will be supported by two international airports in Mattala and Katunayake and two harbours in Colombo and Hambantota.  Finally, the government has also signed an agreement with Surbana Jurong Private Limited to prepare a master plan for the Trincomalee Economic Development Project on the East Coast,” the Premier explained.