There might be some truth behind the movie but for what it’s worth, the young women could have done a much better job portraying the realistic lives of college going girls. Directed by Monika Mitchell and Written by Becca Topol, Sugarbabies is about college girls trying to seek companionship in the arms of rich men.

It’s not easy paying tuition while trying to pursue higher education. Katie is one such student trying to enter a college that has the best Arts faculty yet the fees for books and tuition is pretty high. She meets another girl who seems to be having the time of her life pursuing educational goals and career goals all the while living luxuriously. Katie is puzzled at the lifestyle of the girl and after a keg party that goes wrong, Katie befriends the girl. Katie accompanies the girl to a lavish restaurant where women and men meet and there she is introduced to a guy who is all any girl would want.

The two hit it off and Katie is introduced to the ‘Sugar Daddy’ lifestyle which is where old rich men pay for companionship. The rich friend explains to Katie that the sugar daddy concept isn’t what she thinks it is, it’s not like being a hooker, it’s a little more sophisticated. Katie’s lover gives her gifts and she gets used to the lifestyle, the money, the fancy restaurants and the clothes, she becomes vain. Her new group of friends who all have similar lifestyles, using their sugar daddies to get what they want and also to support their career goals often meet up and consider themselves elite but what they don’t realize is that their happiness is short lived. The girls begin to understand that the relationship or arrangement was transitory and their lives would be ruined if they continue to live the lavish and luxurious lifestyle they couldn’t afford.

The last time I saw Alyson Stoner was in Step Up 3D and she seemed like such a sweet actress. Well, she is really trying to make her mark in Hollywood. Known better for her roles on TV dramas, I think her skills as an actress would have worked better in another movie. She’s a good dancer and also a good performer according to online sources but perhaps not an adult actress.

The rest of the cast seemed as if they were in all places, Tiera Skovbye as Tessa did a pretty good job playing the spoilt girl and maybe that perfect actress to play the next Friday the 13th movie. You know the actress that always yells? She held her role together pretty well.

The other actresses could have done better than just sitting around looking pretty, it felt like the movie was their big break or an audition to a modelling career or something of the sort, the effort seemed minimum or was hidden by the tremendous amount of makeup donned on each of them. They needed direction and sitting around looking pretty wasn’t working well for them.

The men in movie seemed douchey and effortless, it all seemed like a beauty pageant, and the genre was supposed to be thriller. How do you expect that to happen with all the doll-like walking? The movie could have done a lot better if the thrill factor was heightened and the drama effect enhanced. There was a lot of room for a better, thought through storyline.

The title had no effect whatsoever on the plot which was dead in the first place. The cast tried being emotional in various scenes but it looked scripted and lacked drama.

I hope Alyson Stoner opts for better movies or might as well stick to dancing, last time Moose (Adam G. Sevani, Step Up 3D) was covered for her but a few dolls couldn’t do that.

The director should definitely go ahead and watch this once again and maybe try not making something along the same lines. Maybe Sugarbabies part II could be made about a girl who stalks all sugardadies, would definitely be more kickass.

Director:Monika Mitchell
Writers:Becca Topol (Screenplay)
David DeCrane
Cast: Alyson Stoner, Tiera Skovbye, Sarah Dugdale
Ken Camroux-Taylor, Keenan Tracey, Giles Panton
Steve Bacic, Kerry Sandomirsky, Hrothgar Mathews
Veena Sood, Wolfgang Klassen, John Emmet Tracy
Eva Day, Kristina Ty

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