If there is an incident, where there is a fraud, corruption or misuse of government money, the government is in the habit of appointing a commission of inquiry. Some matters are immediately reported to the CID of the police. For some cases a commission is appointed.
Normally, if government supporters are involved in the case, a commission is normally appointed. If people who criticize the government are involved in the case, the matter is immediately reported to the police or CID.

Members of the commission are normally government supporters. People who are unbiased and who will always tell the truth are not appointed.

Very often terms and conditions or the powers of the commission are not properly defined. Sometimes, two or three commissions are appointed for the same matter. The commission report is normally released after a very long delay. Some findings of the commission are never released. Commissions are sometimes used as a delaying tactic. They delay report till the people forget the incident.

Large amounts of taxpayers’ money are spent for commissions. Even if the commission report is released, the recommendations of the commission are not implemented.
We hope, at least in the future, time and money are not wasted for appointing meaningless commissions.
D. W. Nugegoda