Aries (Mesha)
Your 5th House has gained strength following Venus conjoining Jupiter and Mercury already posited in that House. Recognition and rewards are in store for natives engaged in academic and literary activity. Time is opportune for those participating in sports as well. You are likely to experience a pull towards merry-making. However, Jupiter’s transit in the 5th House and Saturn’s aspect overit is a warning for you to pay greater attention to the safety and health of your children. This threat ends when Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11. Your position of power and authority that has weakened,will re-gain strength in a greater measure by August 16.

Cancer (Kataka)
Venus moving into your 2nd house to be conjunct with Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu augments your income sources and happiness, peace and harmony in the family. Sun in the Lagna makes you dynamic and energetic to some extent. Events and developments that indicate success of your plans, freeing your mind from worries and unexpected gains apart from a cheerful disposition, a positive outlook and a buoyant spirit are in the offing if you are running favourable Dasas.

Libra (Thula)
Venus due to enter Leo sign to join Rahu, Jupiter Mercury already posited in the 11th House will  bring an increase in income and business prosperity. Rahu adds strength to the three benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the 11th House while warding off malefic influences.  Sun now alone in your 10th House may bring fame and career success, but those with a weak Sun at birth are likely to face instability in their position. You are no longer subject to possible attempts to bring you into disrepute.

Capricorn  (Makara)
Venus’ movement into your 8th House has enhanced your chances of an increased income from partnerships and unforeseen wealth from the spouse if you are running favourable Dasas. Threat to life is present for those passing through the first half of the Rahu Maha Dasa.  Direct aspect of Sun on the Lagna adds strength to your personality.  Gains from foreign sources and literary efforts are indicated. Jupiter in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House can confer on you a keen perception and a practical mindset.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Lagnadhipati Venus gaining conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury in the 4th House assures educational success, general happiness, enhanced living comforts and peace of mind.  Sun in the 3rd House gives you power and influence in some measure and also a boost to their standing in the community. However, those in positions of authority should exercise caution and foresight in regard to all matters. Assistance and goodwill of brothers would be a source of great strength.

Leo (Simha)
Mercury due to enter your Lagna to conjoin Jupiter adds strength to your personality and your intellectual stature. You are likely to give leadership to an effort aimed at providing succor to the needy and the less fortunate. Your income will begin to take an upward turn anda general change for the better in your affairs is in the offing.Loss of wealth and property indicated for those running the Saturn’s Maha Dasa.  You are likely to develop a tendency to become both lascivious and extravagant.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Venus moving into in Leo sign in the 10th House shortly where Jupiter Mercury and Rahu are powerfully positedraises bright career prospects. Political success and political patronage are on the cards for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa. Sun’s transit in the 9th House assures high status both for self and father, general prosperity foreign travel in addition to the company of the learned and the virtuous.  Mars back in the Lagna confers courage, boldness and a sense of adventure.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Your 7th House will gain further strength when Venus moves into it to gain conjunction with Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu already posited there. You are in for enhanced profits from trading activity and also popularity. Marital prospects for unmarried young natives have greatly brightened. Sun in the 6th House confers on you with a measure of power and influence.

Gemini (Mithuna)
You are prone to contagious diseases and are advised to pay more attention to preventive measures. The period ahead is very favourable for natives involved in public and diplomatic relations, and they can look forward to career success if their Dasas are favourable.Retrograde Mars back in Scorpio in your 6th House continues to give power, influence and the ability to become resourceful to successfully cope with any emergency situation or to meet any formidable challenge.

Virgo (Kanya)
You have to act with foresight and sagacity in the days to come for a wrong move on your part may land you in unnecessary litigation and lead you to fruitless travels and much mental unrest.  However, Sun your 11th House holds out an increase in income, business success, high recognition and patronage of the friends holding high office.Timeis not opportune for embarking on new plans and projects or taking vital decisions. Marital problems and problems arising from relations with females are on the cards.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
A rare combination of three benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in one sign and House will occur when Venus moves into your 9th House on August 1. Sagittarius natives will greatly benefit from this rare phenomenon as it occurs in their Bhagyasthana holding out best possible results.  This combination has greatly brightened the prospect of a rise in status, general happiness, prosperity, gainful travels and an increase in wealth. High achievements arein store for natives running the
Rahu Maha Dasa.

Pisces (Meena)
You should no longer worry about the possibility of falling sick, falling into debt or facing troubles from enemies. Rahu in the company of three benefics in the 6th House is capable of warding off malefic influences and giving you a whip hand over enemies and rivals. You can look forward to a period of great success and achievements after August 16. You are advised to keep a low profile and avoid taking key decisions and embarking on new plans until then.