The civil society and the legal community last week criticized the practice of obtaining restraining orders from Courts to prevent protest marches from taking place as has been taken against the Joint Opposition’s padha yatra, as a culture that began with the previous regime.

The Court order to launch and commence the said protest march outside the Kandy City limits and the Court order prohibiting the protest march from entering the Mawanella Town, were respectively given by the Kandy Magistrate’s Court and the Mawanella Magistrate’s Court.

The People’s Intellectual Assembly (PIA) observed that during the past regime, whenever there was to be a protest march, they would go to the Courts and obtain a Court order, and this practice and culture can be seen to be continuing.

Joint Secretary of the People’s Intellectual Assembly, President’s Counsel Srinath Perera explained that the Courts must have considered all matters brought before them and given the orders in a just and fair manner. ogans of the padha yatra, I get the impression that none of it is for the benefit of the people but merely the affected politicians,” he noted.