The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) informed that the Sri Lankan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, had received no information with regard to allegedly stranded Sri Lankan migrants.

It is reported that Sri Lankan migrants are stranded in labour camps in Abu Dhabi, owing to the fact that their employers-cum- sponsors have deliberately refused to renew their expired work permits, employment contracts, visas, labour cards and resident identity cards. They are alleged to have been forced to work sans wages since November 2015, and are reported as having no money and little food.

Those engaged in slave labour facing the predicament are reported to have called on the Government of Sri Lanka for them to be repatriated and to ensure that the companies they worked for would pay their back salaries.

In one instance, it is reported that one of the migrant workers, according to his wife in Sri Lanka, had not received any pay for nine months plus that she had not heard from him in a month.

Some of the workers are reported to have been trafficked by agencies and agents on false promises and sans proper documentation.

Working Director of the SLBFE, Upul Deshapriya also added that no such report had been received from anywhere in the rest of the Middle Eastern Gulf States either. (RLJ)