‘All the world’s a stage’, the annual Shakespeare drama workshop will be held at Sparks: Centre for Creative Learning on Thimbirigasyaya Road, from August 10 to 12.

Designed by children’s drama practitioner, Aroshe Ranasinghe, it is for students with little or no previous exposure to Shakespeare. The workshop will be conducted to give the students‘the actual feel of how Shakespeare intended his plays to be: Performed, and not analysed on texts with pens and pencils.’

Why Shakespeare? Aroshe explains, “Shakespeare is fun. His plays have all the appealing ingredients of a good movie: Murder, love, loyalty, betrayal, power, jealousy, intrigue, fantasy and of course, exciting and unforgettable characters.”

Year 2016 being the 400th death anniversary of Shakespeare, students at Sparks have been exploring and enjoying Shakespeare at different levels in different ways.

“Shakespeare’s work continues to surprise and intrigue me. I think it’s the power of his imagination that kids respond to, so readily. Our drama students as young as eight years have been enjoying his characters, themes and the language, as our approach is very much ‘on your feet’.”

For registrations and more information, call Aroshe on 0777 559339.