Former  Richmond College and Police football player, cricketer  and athlete U.A.  Edmund  Mahendra, took over as  the SSP of Kandy Division from Gamini Ellepola. The latter was promoted as DIG.  SSP Mahendra a keen follower of sports after his playing days and was keen to give a hand to promote sports.  He helped sport when he was HQI to  develop the Police Ground, a sports facility which has helped many sportsmen and sportswomen in and around Kandy. Now the ground is   looking good.

A big hand should go to the sports loving Police officers both past and present who were in Kandy. They were all sports lovers who gave a big hand to develop this ground. This facility has helped most of the schools in the Central Province like Dharmaraja, Kingswood , Vidyartha, St. Sylvester’s and St. Paul’s  (now Sri Sumangala) when it comes to sports.  Some of the sports played at this venue are cricket, football, hockey and athletics. In the good old days, the big matches of most schools were played on this ground.  At one time Police Constable S.M. David was in charge of this venue and he gave a big hand to sports. The first game of hockey was played at this ground in 1905 when it was under the Army and known as the Army Barracks.

At present, sporting Policemen in the caliber of Senior DIG S.A.D.S  Gunawardene, Nipuna Dehigama (HQI) along with SSP Mahendera are     giving the best possible support for sport.  The ground looks prefect with a fine green outfield. When this venue was expanded from a pocket size ground, the students of St Sylvester’s College gave a hand.  And in return, the Police gave the grounds free of charge for them for matches and practices.  It is at this ground that some of the top most sports people excelled in disciplines line cricket, football, hockey and athletics.