During the last few days there had been many terrorist attacks in countries like France,
Germany, USA, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hundreds of people were killed. Thousands of people injured. This is a very sad situation. When such violent and meaningless crimes are happening in the world, it is not fair for Sri Lankans just to look other way and wait. It is our responsibility to do something to stop this menace according to the resources available to us.

Terrorism is the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political, religious or ideological aims. Most terrorists are either unemployed or uneducated. The terrorist organizations either entice them with money or they brainwash them completely.

Killing the terrorist will not end terrorism. It will only help to ignite it even more. We cannot deny the fact the terrorism monster is created sometimes by society.

Major reasons for terrorism are lack of education, unemployment, social injustice and social inequality. Education is a very important fundamental aspect. We need leaders who use education as a tool to create respect between different people.

People who are denied of their fundamental rights and discriminated against because of the caste, religion, develop a grudge against society and therefore, they commit such crimes in order to take revenge.

Steps should be taken to provide adequate education and gainful employment to all without discriminating against them in any field. Terrorism is like a tree. You keep cutting branches, but it will continue to grow. But if you want to eradicate it completely, you must cut the roots of the tree.

By enlightening people with good beliefs, thoughts and education, we can change their mindset. Power of word is much greater than the power of weapon.
D. Weeratunga Nugegoda