Former NASU President Nethru Nanayakkara (Pic by Venura Chandramalitha)

Former President of the National Aquatic Sport Union, Nethru Nanayakkara believes that Sri Lanka should invest on a top level professional who should serve swimming as Director Coaching.

Nanayakkara made these comments during an interview with Nation when he spoke about the upcoming Olympic Games and what hopes Sri Lankans should have regarding their two swimmers Mathew Abeysinghe and Kimico Raheem in Rio.

Nanayakkara said that hiring a top professional for this post might cost something like one and half million rupees a month, but he added that it was the need of the hour.
He also called on swimming administrators to conduct national pool training throughout the year. “The NASU should also have a five-year plan for swimming in the country,” he said.

The former official was critical of swimming coaches not being united and accused some of them being in control of administrative affairs of NASU.

“Past officials of the NASU are not even invited for meetings. Even the minutes of these meetings are not sent to us. These are wrong things to do when one considers that the NASU is administered by a FINA approved constitution,” he pointed out.

He also opined that the national championships should be conducted for clubs and should not include the participation of schools, which is the practice now.