With a genuine interest and concern towards battling environmental issues, Fashion Bug, one of Sri Lanka’s leading retail clothing chains with over 16 outlets island-wide, kicked off an awareness initiative ‘Puruduwenna’ at the Homagama Base Hospital, as part of the company’s continuous CSR activities.

An initiative carried out in its Phase II, ‘Puruduwenna’ educates and engages the public in various activities that could help preserve the environment. Its belief that change and care towards Mother Nature starts from one individual is a strong message it wishes to convey.

‘As life gets busier day-by-day, we tend to forget the little conscious and unconscious things we do that in any way harms the environment. This programme acts as an awareness platform, a gentle reminder that we need to take more responsibility in our actions and spread the same to others to nurture and preserve a cleaner and safer environment,’ said Shabier Subian, Director, Fashion Bug. ‘As a responsible corporate citizen of the country, we are obliged to give back to the societies and communities that spread across the island.’

Name boards with simple, yet, powerful messages related to environmental conservation such as ‘plant a tree for future generations’, ‘use the garbage bin for littering’, ‘reduce the use of polythene’ were displayed by Fashion Bug to create awareness among the public and visitors to the Hospital.

Fashion Bug spends over Rs. 20 million annually on various CSR projects that are carried out island-wide, ranging from sports and education through to public services and beyond.