For a round face
It’s all about creating balance. Angular and edgy reflective lenses, for example, add flattering definition to a round face.


For a heart-shaped face
Tip for heart-shaped faces is simple: Find frames with a wider top half and a smaller bottom (like aviator or butterfly shapes) to create symmetry. Try them in a rose-gold hue; it’s quite airy, and can be worn dressed up or down.
The Kit


For a square face
A curvilinear shape can soften angles for those with a square jaw, much like Audrey Hepburn’s iconic frames. Finding the right shape can give your face an instant lift.


For an oval face
Anything goes for those with oval-shaped faces. It’s the perfect proportion for frames, so there are very few restrictions. Trendy circular frames with a tortoise shell finish are the in-thing now.