A safe three-wheeler with many improved gadgets to ensure safety of both the driver and the passengers  was introduced yesterday. The project was a joint collaboration by the National Council for Road Safety, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, and David Peiris Motor Company.

The new three-wheeler boasts many improvements for the safety of the passengers. These include seat belts for both driver and passengers, grab handles for passengers, cushions for the metal bars, safety fence on one side which prevents passengers from being pushed off, seats that slants backwards, larger side mirrors, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, single piece windscreen, hydraulic brake system, bigger signal lights, fuel tap that’s near the drivers seat, transparent covers, improved front suspension, increased turning circle radius and unbreakable handle turning stop.

Dr Sisira Kodagoda,  the Chairman of National Council for Road Safety, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, commented that three-wheelers are the most popular mode of transportation in the country and therefore the safety three-wheeler is very important. New three-wheeler ensures that the three-wheeler’s safety lock could not be broken which prevents the 180 degree turning of the steering wheel. He also stated the three-wheeler would be priced affordably and the existing three-wheelers could modified by a easy payment available via agents to the owners. This would be introduced island-wide, to all the three-wheelers.

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Nimal Siripala de Silva commented that he is very happy that the modified three-wheeler is safer for passengers and driver. “high speed, passengers being thrust out of the three wheeler and turning of the steering wheel for 180 degrees are the three most dangerous aspects that contribute to life risk, when a three-wheeler is considered. New three-wheeler ensures the safety by eliminating these risks.”