Lawyers in the Muslim community highlighted that they were not entirely happy or satisfied with the work done by clerics in mosques including imams to dispel misconceptions about the Islamic religion’s fundamental text.

Attorney-at-Law, President’s Counsel M.U.M. Ali Sabry said that while imams and clerics in mosques during afternoon prayers on Friday clearly denounced such violence, murder and slaughter, which though not allowed under any circumstances, was practised by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), there was much room for further improvement concerning clarifying matters.

Speaking about ISIS/ISIL and Muslims in Sri Lanka, Ali Sabry explained that radicalization was a possibility and that there was no point in living in denial regarding the issue.

Rather than pointing the finger at anyone, it is the responsibility of Sri Lankans to identify and prevent, any kind of infiltration by the ISIS and the brainwashing of our boys and girls, he remarked.

It must be noted that the barbaric practices of the ISIS have no place in our Islamic community and such nonsense has no place in the Islamic religious text, and as a community we must deny such, disassociate ourselves from such, and stand against such, he pointed out.

The other aspect of this concerns fishing in troubled waters, where those interested in either side of the divide, make use of this situation or hijack it in a sense, in order to divide our people, he mentioned, adding that such takes place the moment we disengage with one another.

Though this is not a particular community’s problem and must instead be seen as a common problem faced by the nation, of course the Muslims have a greater role to play as the catchment area so to speak is within the Muslim community, he emphasized, noting that therefore it was essential that they be vigilant and openly critical of any suspicions and even go beyond being merely critical to working in cooperation and collaboration with the law enforcement to prevent infiltrations and such dangerous radicalized persons coming into the country.

The media and the majority community must work with the Muslim community in this regard, he outlined.