Coloured eyeliners are really easy to incorporate into your makeup regimen, specially in a country with a temperate climate. You can use coloured eyeliner to create a bold statement eye, or you can even just use a little to add an extra spark. Not sure where to begin? Brown eyes look amazing with jewel-toned liners, like purple and blue. If you want to ease your way into the trend, try a muted-green shade, which will give you a neutral effect.

For a flash of colour
For an easy way to try the trend, create a base of nude eye shadow, swiping a medium-sized line of colourful liner along the upper lash line and finishing with mascara. Another alternative is wearing colour smudged along the lower lashline. Colours like royal blue, gold, aqua and even fuchsia look fun along the lower eyelid.

For an ombré effect
If you want to wear two colours at once, start by skimming a pencil across your upper lash line from inner corner to middle. Before it sets, go in with the next shade and start where you left off, making sure to blend gently with a little brush. Keep working to the wing until the desired look is reached.

For a maximum-impact gaze
If you’re looking to make a statement, use a gel formula over the entire lid for an intensely-pigmented effect. Navy is great for a smoky eye-effect, but you can go brighter and bolder, too.