Highly organized…..leaving nothing to chance…..standing by on a 24/7/365 basis have become the watchwords of Hemas Hospital’s accident and emergency unit. Regardless of the hour of day or night, team of experienced healthcare professionals are focused on getting the patient stabilized. Incorporating all the elements of emergency care, Hemas Hospitals recently underscored the importance of acting promptly when a trauma occurs and the priority of having the patient moved to the closest Emergency Care available, keeping in mind the precise nature of the trauma and avoiding handling them in a wrong manner, which might be more injurious.

The hospitals have special ambulance services, geared and equipped to particularly handle trauma victims of fall from heights, where preliminary medicalcare can be given at the scene. From neck collars, stirrups and spinal boards, the A&E mobile unit becomes the first line of trauma management, which is vital for patient’s complete recovery, mitigating risks associated with bad management of such trauma victims.