In the wake of the recent clash among students at the University of Jaffna, the Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA) highlighted that the administrations of State Universities were unqualified to run Universities.

The FUTA has requested all staff leaders of their sister unions to discuss the matter with the students and while planning to meet students island-wide, will also take steps to meet the Sinhala and Tamil student leaders at the Jaffna University soon to resolve the issue.

President of the FUTA, Senior Lecturer (Grade II) at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Moratuwa Dr. Rangika Halwatura observed that the incident in Jaffna could not be considered as an isolated, one off incident, but should be seen as a special, unique one, orchestrated by extreme elements in both the Sinhala and Tamils communities, with the intent of destroying the harmony between the communities.

There is an established by law system within the University to punish the culprits be it staff and/or students if those involved are internal, from within the University, which needs to be activated, he noted, adding that if those involved in the clash included outsiders, they would have to be dealt with the common law of the land.