The sustainability ethos championed by Sri Lanka’s premier five-star corporate city hotel, Cinnamon Grand Colombo now goes beyond products and service offerings, with the unveiling of the hotel’s new sustainable contemporary art collection ‘Symbiosis’. Artists from the Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA) headed by Chinthaka and Poornima Thenuwara has worked in partnership in creating the concepts for these interactive pieces. The hotel’s own talented Engineering and Garden teams worked on the concepts provided for over six months, putting together a collection of two interactive installations as part of Cinnamon Grand’s aesthetic drive to take the hotel’s art agenda to the next level.

itThe two installations are aimed at showcasing the local artistic talent, as well as make the hotel patronage more experiential and locally infused for guests. Created almost entirely with waste material, the installations are the result of the first partnership between a corporate entity and artists where the work was produced entirely in collaboration.

Speaking on behalf of Cinnamon, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts Sector Head-city hotels Rohan Karr said “We are honoured to participate in a sustainable and creative partnership that has enhanced Cinnamon Grand’s continuing ideology to combine creativity with sustainability.”

The two installations recently unveiled at Cinnamon Grand are each unique and yet connected to the property and to each other, making the collection a carefully curated experience for guests and visitors to the hotel