The top-of-the-pile Predator Gaming Machines provide an epic gaming action for a bolder, brighter immersive experience. Don’t just watch the action – get thrust into it as you overtake battlefields with settings customized to your preferred style. These machines are war-hardened, fully featured and ready to go against all odds, as the ultimate gaming PCs. Tough and capable as they look, they allow you to chart new territories while you rise to the top of the tribe and experience clarity like never before, with smoother motion and richer colours.

The Acer Predator 15 and 17 are fuelled by Intel’s sixth generation Core i7 processors that are paired upto 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M. Acer has included a swappable and a dust defender that prevent the machines from heating up on long plays. The most talked-about feature is the cooling system that allows gamers to swap the optical drive for a fan module. This swapping feature is made possible through an ACER-exclusive Frost Care technology designed by Cooler Master.

Two models of Acer Predator (592 and 792) Laptops, G3 Desktops, 28” and 34” monitors are available at Abans and Abans Elite Showrooms Island-wide.