Coming up with a name for a blog may seem a daunting task when you’re going through it. How does everyone do it? It seems like such an important decision, yet so hard to find something that suits you, your brand that is not already taken. There is no magic formula to coming up with a great name for your blog or brand, but here a few thoughts to consider.

1. Choose a name that represents the feeling you want your brand to have. Is your blog going to be crafty, light-hearted, high-end, delicious, colorful, calming or contemplative, over-the-top, down-to-earth, friendly or professional? There will probably be many terms that could describe the type of blog you want to write, but try to narrow down the list to your top three words you want people to use to describe the feeling of your site.

Then work on brainstorming a name that communicates this. Don’t do this in a vacuum; if you have a partner, work with them, and if you don’t, then bounce your ideas off your friends or family. It could be that a certain name sounded perfect to you, but then you tell three friends and they all say it sounds like a very different site than you intended – what helpful (although yes, a little frustrating) feedback!

2. Google any potential names to see if they are already in use. Ideally you want to find something that you can buy the clean url to, like If you come up with a great name but the domain is already in use (especially if it’s already being used by another blogger), then avoid that name.

3. Social media handles. Check to see if the social media handles are already taken for your name. Again, ideally you want to be able to get your name as cleanly as possible.
4. Trademarking. You don’t have to get your blog or brand name trademarked, but it’s not a bad idea to at least look into this from the beginning. If you discover someone else already holds the trademark to the name you’d like to use, then you may want to reconsider. Consult a lawyer when you have legal questions.

5. Remember that no name is perfect. Choosing a blog or brand name is like getting a tattoo. Yes, you should be deliberate and thoughtful about the process. But no matter how hard you try, probably in a few years or ten years from now, if you had to do it again, you’d pick something else. That’s OK! Names are important, but don’t get so hung up on it that it stops you from moving forward.
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