Following the basics and the first part of introducing the Suicide Squad Characters, this week we will look into the rest of them.


If there’s one supervillain whose name pops up more frequently than most when the Suicide Squad is mentioned, it’s Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. He is one of the most notorious assassins in the DC Universe, claiming to never miss his target. He is visually recognizable by his cybernetic eye-piece, which boosts his accuracy and displays information for him. Once he’s paid, Deadshot will carry out a hit no matter the circumstances. He also has a death wish. While he won’t outright commit suicide, he wants to leave this world in a spectacular fashion which is why he frequently places himself in dangerous situations. Sounds like a perfect candidate for the team, no?
Deadshot will be played by Will Smith, making it one of the few times that the actor has taken on a villain role. Smith was attracted to Deadshot’s ‘dubious morals’ and how he justifies killing people for money. Superhero movies have a tendency not to cover a main character’s face for long (i.e. Spiderman being frequently unmasked), but David Ayer and Warner Bros. will at least let Will Smith wear the full Deadshot mask during parts of the film, though other shots have shown that in at least one mission his whole face will be exposed.


Killer Croc
Born Waylon Jones, Killer Croc has largely been known as a Batman villain – famous for being born with a form of atavism that causes him to have reptilian-like skin and other traits. He grew up in an abusive household and ultimately turned to a life of crime, and has aspirations of being the kingpin of Gotham. In addition to having the teeth and claws of a reptile, he is also incredibly strong, and will likely serve as the heavy of the cinematic Suicide Squad. He also eats people…just thought it’s worth mentioning.
Fans of the Killer Croc character in Batman comics have long been wondering if the character would ever get his opportunity to shine on the big screen, and that time has come. He will be portrayed – wearing very heavy makeup – by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (who previously got some comic book movie experience with a key supporting role as Kurse in Thor: The Dark World). At this stage, not much is known about how the character will fit into the movie’s plot outside being a part of the titular team, though it’s clear that the comic book-y elements of the character are being retained.


Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller, nicknamed The Wall, is the woman in charge of the Suicide Squad. Originally a congressional aide, she has been the director of several agencies in the DC Universe, most recently ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans). Despite not having any superpowers, Waller has proven herself a worthy adversary not to be trifled with. Her tactics may be drastic, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect the United States from harm, whether it involves taking out a supervillain or neutralizing a superhero she believes to be a threat. As for the Suicide Squad itself, Waller only sees the team members (excluding Flag) as expendable assets. She won’t hesitate to eliminate any of them if she thinks it’s necessary for the mission. Think of her as a way more ruthless Nick Fury.

Viola Davis, known for projects like The Help and How To Get Away With Murder, plays Amanda Waller in the film, and the first footage suggests she will have the hardcore edge she’s had for years in the comics (and may be keeping Aquamanprisoner). The Emmy award-winning actress is signed on for three more films after Suicide Squad, so we’ll be seeing more of Waller in the DC Cinematic Universe. This will be the character’s second theatrical appearance after being played by Angela Basset in Green Lantern. She has also been a recurring character on Arrow and Smallville.


El Diablo
There have been multiple iterations of El Diablo in DC Comics, as the character’s existence goes back to the old west – where a man named Lazarus Lane was nearly killed by a gang of thieves, but revived by a Native American shaman. He adopted the name El Diablo, and from that day forward became a vigilante. The Suicide Squad live-action take on the character won’t be this version, but instead the more recent one from DC’s line of New 52 comics. In those comics, El Diablo is Chato Santana, a former criminal who actually encounters Lazarus Lane and takes on the old west hero’s mantle.

Actor Jay Hernandez has the honour of being the first actor to bring El Diablo to life, and he’s doing it by going through a pretty interesting transformation. Not only has he shaved off all of his hair, but his entire face is covered by a rather intimidating skull tattoo. The footage suggests that the character has a pretty severe obsession with fire, not to mention the ability to shoot it out of his palms, so we’ll see how that affects his path in the movie.


Suicide Squad is a movie filled with bad guys and government officials with questionable morals, but there will be at least one hero present. It was confirmed by footage leaked online during filming that Batman will serve in at least a minor capacity, making this his second DCEU appearance after March’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In what is presumably a flashback, there will be a car chase scene between him and Joker that eventually results in Bats on top of Joker and Harley’s sweet ride.

Ben Affleck was reportedly seen in Toronto on set, suggesting that we’ll see Gotham City’s protector up close and personal as opposed to only being played by a stunt double from afar. That could lend credence to a rumour saying that Batman will corner Amanda Waller in her office and confront her about the government using dangerous criminals for their operations. We’ll have to wait and see just how big Batman’s role in the 2016 blockbuster actually is.


Lex Luthor
While it remains only a rumour at this point, with the character not yet mentioned in any official announcement about the film, it’s been heavily suggested that Suicide Squad will have a direct connection back to the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – specifically through Lex Luthor. We first heard about this back in October 2014, when it was reported that Jesse Eisenberg was in discussions with Warner Bros. about reprising the supervillain character.

One report claimed that the Suicide Squad will be sent to stop Luthor’s superhuman trafficking operation, and it’s later learned that he has a master plan involving Enchantress. It may be a while before we get anything firm on this subject, as Luthor’s mere presence in Suicide Squad could wind up being a spoiler for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.


Audiences just got to see Katana come to life played by Rila Fukushima in the third season of Arrow, but it will be actress Karen Fukuhara who will be playing the expert martial artist in Suicide Squad. If you’re trying to figure out if you recognize the name, however, you may want to give up, as the film will be her first on-screen appearance.
Katana, who was born in the comics Tatsu Yamashiro, originally hails from Japan, and is not only incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat, but – as her name implies – incredibly deadly with a sword. In the comics and various animated adaptations, the character has largely been a heroic character, which makes us wonder how exactly she will fit into the Suicide Squad story.


In case the name wasn’t clear enough, Slipknot is a character whose specialty rests in the ‘ropes’ category. Also known as Christopher Weiss, he was introduced as an employee of a chemical company, where he helped developed the strong ropes he would ultimately use while working as an assassin. Due to his impressive skills, he wound up on the radar of Amanda Waller, and was convinced to join the Suicide Squad.

Bringing the character to life for the first time in live-action will be actor Adam Beach, who doesn’t exactly have a ton of big time action movies on his resume. Still, from the first-look image, to his brief spotlight moment in the footage, he certainly looks convincing in the part.