Retail marketing retail giant, Singer Sri Lanka, formally launched its Singer branded credit card through Singer Finance recently, joining hands with VISA international.  Having introduced the concept of ‘hire purchase’ to the world, Singer has a rich history of catering to customer needs and helping them purchase products with ease. Hence the Singer credit card can be considered an extension of its age-old customer-friendly tradition.

The new Singer-VISA credit card application can be obtained at any one of the 435 Singer and Singer Finance Branches across the country. The Singer credit card can be used at merchants who accept credit cards across Sri Lanka and to withdraw cash from ATMs connected to the VISA network. It can also be used worldwide at over 14.0 million merchants, as well as to withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs in more than 200 counties.

credit card

Commenting on the occasion Group CEO of Singer, Asoka Pieris  stated, “We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and systems in managing consumer finance, which has evolved to provide many forms of financing. Today, apart from the major banks, Singer has the highest number of customers being provided with financing at any given time. Therefore, it was very logical for Singer to enter the credit card business. The fact that Singer has one of the lowest non-performing loan ratios in the island, is an invaluable asset in the credit card industry.”

According to Thilan Rupasinghe, Head of Credit Cards at Singer, ‘All customers will enjoy the benefits of Singer Credit Card’s partnerships and promotions with hotel chains, supermarkets, food outlets and all other leading establishments’.  Further, he stated that customers would also enjoy unmatchable promotions from Singer showrooms such as Singer Plus, Singer Mega, Singer Homes and Sisil Showrooms with discounts, trade-ins, free give aways with 0% interest and installment plans upto 24 months with no additional charges. He added that Singer credit cards incorporate chip-based technology, which is on par with the best security features in the market.