Professionals in the country complained that with regard to differing principles of good governance, the country at present was only addressing aspects concerning the rule of law and transparency.

The Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) highlighted that good governance had not been properly portrayed to the people of the country including to the professionals.

President-elect of the OPA, Ruwan Gallege said that they would be setting up a good governance watch to which the public could bring to attention matters and issues of national interest regarding the contravention of good governance which required the attention and concern of professionals.

The United Nations and its development programme has different principles, concerning good governance aside to the rule of law and transparency, such as participation, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.

“Good governance is the way forward. From a political viewpoint, the focus is only on the rule of law and on catching rogues and punishing them. Good governance must be promoted within all spheres. We are apolitical. There is tremendous room for improvement on the part of professionals with regards to involvement in national level policy and law making,” he observed.