The Asgiriya Chapter whilst praising President Maithripala Sirisena for stating that he would not allow for foreign judges in a domestic mechanism into probing alleged war crimes, added that certain Ministers and MPs of the Government were not heeding Sirisena or the clergy on the matter.

Chief Secretary of the Asgiriya Chapter, Dr. Medagama Dhammananda said that there was no need for the Government to succumb to international pressure concerning the matter, adding further that such agenda-based efforts should be defeated.

Attempts to dig up these matters of the past will only result in another crisis, he opined.
What is required by all ethnicities is to work towards development and independence, he observed.

“There is no necessity at all to have international judges in an investigation into alleged war crimes. What we explained to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is that during a conflict it is normal for both parties to the conflict to engage in inducing harm and problematic behaviour,” he said.

He added that whatever the investigation, it should be done locally with the involvement of locals. There are recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission also.

“Those of the State’s security apparatus who worked dedicatedly and in a committed manner during the war should not be troubled in this manner. The President and the Government should not intervene in aiding and abetting such efforts,” he mentioned.  (RLJ)

  • Sriyani Mangalika

    If there is domestic mechanism or Inter national mechanism in both cases either set of members from forces or personalities above the hierachy who gave orders would be wrong.We should impress the international both the mechanisms are needed in this case.Otherwise decisions would be never null and void.

  • Sriyani Mangalika

    Really I am not much knowledgeable on the subject. Many Sri Lankans back Domestic mechanism rather than inter national mediation. According to my knowledge if domestic mechanism is conducted surely some force members would be in trouble as a result of engaged in the war. So why people say it is better? Is there any advantage. In my opinion it is very unfair. But many recommend it. Could any one clarify the matter.Because it is a very serious matter.Many of our forces gave their lives for war.